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A Breath of Fresh Air

Mental health and emotional wellness in the workplace for refreshed, inspired, & engaged teams

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Grounded. Generous. Bold.

What tools and practices can we do at work?

How can work be a place for mental and emotional wellness?

How do we bring our “whole selves” to a professional context?

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

— Aristotle

Yes. Together, We Definitely Got This:

Join a journey to the hearts and minds of a refreshed, energized workplace

Uncertainty. Bring questions and uncertainty about mental and emotional wellness to the fore. Priorities. Effectively prioritize refreshing energy and vibrance. Realness. Authentically create a grounded culture of support, focus, and care.



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High Inspiration, Deep Work

Dive into your beautiful vision of a focused, refreshed, energized team with genuine openness and methodical action.

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